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Dry Dock is a community-focused alcohol-free gathering space, providing an alternative to traditional pubs while offering a variety of entertainment options.

Our values

Our Core Values



We welcome all members of the community, providing a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.


Community Support

We actively support local initiatives and charities, aiming to make a positive impact on the community we serve.


Entertainment Variety

From live music to games and comedy nights, we offer diverse entertainment options for every visitor.

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Our Unique Value Proposition

Experience a new way to socialize and have fun – without the need for alcohol. Join us for a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

Alcohol-Free Socializing

Enjoy a pub-like environment without the impact of alcohol, offering a safe and inclusive space for all.

Community Engagement

Be part of a community that cares – get involved in local events, volunteer opportunities, and support initiatives.

Diverse Entertainment

From live music to games and comedy nights, there’s always something exciting happening at Dry Dock.

Customer Testimonials

Dry Dock has truly become a second home to me. The community spirit and range of activities are unparalleled. Highly recommended.

– John Smith

I have never felt more welcome in a social setting. Dry Dock’s commitment to inclusivity is exemplary. A must-visit for all.

– Alice Brown

Dry Dock has redefined my idea of a night out. The atmosphere, the people, everything is just perfect. Can’t wait to go back.

– Emma White

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